How to Make Rope Mat: The Aesthetic Mat for Your Living Room


how to make rope matHow to make rope mat – The aesthetic and modern style of home decoration is now being favored by many people from various circles. However, buying furniture or aesthetic decorations will often drain your wallet because the prices are fantastic.

Eits, but not with this one piece of furniture. This craft is one solution for those of you who want to decorate your home with beautiful and aesthetic furniture. With just a few meters of coconut rope and other materials, you can create and design a beautiful rug for your favorite room.

So without further ado, here are the tools, materials, and how to make a rope mat.


1. Poster board
2. Compass ruler or marker
3. Pencils and markers
4. 1/4 inch coconut rope, 220 ft long
5. lighter
6. Scissors
7. Glue gun
8. 1 meter of felt or flannel

The Steps How to Make Rope Mat

1. Create a Template

Mark a spot in the center of a sheet of poster board. Use the point as the center point to create a circle using a ruler or compass and pencil.

You can create templates with various circle sizes such as: 3″, 3-1/2″, 4″, 6″ and 12″.

The template will help you keep a consistent shape and size throughout your design. Make a circle with a marker and use the template to measure the circle as you form the string.

2. Prevent the rope from fraying with lighters

Before you shape each piece of rope, make sure it doesn’t fray.

If you are using a synthetic string, pass the rope over the open flame of the lighter.

Twist the rope slightly to make sure all sides melt gently. If you are using a non-synthetic cord, apply a small amount of slightly cooled glue around the area to be cut and allow it to cool before cutting.

3. Start the Circular Rope Shape

To start making the loop, add a drop of hot glue gun to the end of the rope and fold it about 1/2″. Hold it in place until it hardens. Add a drop of hot glue around the outside. Fold it over and start wrapping the rope around it.

Continue by adding a little hot glue and wrapping the string around the center circle.

The glue can be spaced several inches apart during this construction step. You can add more glue to the back after the loop is made to make the rope loop more secure.

Check the circle against the template to get the size you want. As you approach the end, seal the rope with hot glue and cut it.

4. Tuck the end of the rope at the bottom

When you reach the end, twist the end of the rope slightly up or toward you and add hot glue to hold it in place. This will be the bottom of the rug.

5. Make More Circles

To make this modern and aesthetic rug, you’ll need some circle shapes in a matching color. Make lots of small circles to fill the space between the larger circles.

Lay out your design first, with the bottom of the circle facing up. Your design can be in any form. For example, a 2′ x 3′ rectangle.

6. Cut the Felt Fabric for the Bottom of the Carpet.

After making the layout, next take all the rope loops and make some circles on the felt. Make sure each circle of felt matches the size of the loop of string.

7. Connect the Circle of Rope to Another Circle

Connect the loops of rope together by applying hot glue where one of the loops touches each other. Try to have as many touch points as possible to make the carpet more durable.

When the junctions are glued together, add a patch of extra thick glue over each junction to hold the circles together. Allow the patch to cool before proceeding.

8. Attach the Felt to the Back of the Connected Rope Circle

Add felt to the back of the circle using hot glue. To do this, make lines of glue on the back and on the loop of string near the edge where the felt will be placed to hold it securely in place.

9. Finally, remove excess glue from the carpet with scissors and tweezers before use.

10. Your DIY rug is done!

That is so easy pezzy, isn’t it? Instead of buying expensive furniture or aesthetic decorations, let’s try to make this craft in your home with my tutorial on how to make rope mat.